Granada, Spain

Best thing about Granada tapas bars is that they give out free tapas with your drink!  I know in Madrid it was common to get some olives or a small slice of meat with your drink, but in Granada it’s a proper tapas portion – a few slices of manchega cheese on a piece of bread drizzled with balsamic or a thick slice of Spanish tortilla.  Here are some of our favorites:

Bodega Castaneda (Calle de Almireceros, 1-3) – Traditional tapas bar, no-nonsense waiters who look like they’ve been working there for decades.  Arrive early if you want a table, otherwise be prepared to stand.  We were lucky enough to nab a table (the joys of dining early with the kids….early being 8:30!) so had a few drinks and complimentary tapas, but liked what we had so much that we stayed and made a dinner out of the tapas.  Their jamon Iberico was some of the best we had the entire trip.

Los Diamantes (Calle Navas, 30) – I had this place written down, but when we stopped by after touring the Alhambra Palace in the rain, I wasn’t sure I had the correct place.  We’d walked by it a number of times (it’s on the Plaza Nueva, one of the main squares) and has a bit of a cheesy 80s mirrored look.  However the seafood is amazing!!  We had seafood rice dish, these delicious garlicky sautéed mushrooms and fried baby squid.

Taberna Mas Que Vinos (Calle Tundidores) – Wine and tapas bar tucked down a narrow lane.  Had some really nice vermouth and red wine here along with manchega cheese, croquetas, and pieces of raw fish on toast.  Cozy with lots of character.

Cafeteria Alhambra (Plaza Bib Rambla, 27) – Ok, this isn’t a tapas bar but it’s where to go for breakfast.  When in Spain you must try churros and chocolate either for breakfast, afternoon snack or late night snack.  It’s fried dough served with mugs of chocolate, a bit of a cross between chocolate pudding and hot chocolate – nice, not terribly sweet.  Dunk the churros in the chocolate….yum!!!!